Classic Barbed Jighead Bulk Variety Pack (50)

$86.80 $50.00 Sale
Hook Strength: Classic
Color: No Color (lead)

**Bulk Variety Package contain 50 total jigs at a discounted price.**

This jig is great for dropping slowly offshore for snapper, grouper and more.  By fishing the entire water column you open up the opportunity to catch more aggressive and often larger fish up off the bottom.  Standard fishing methods often send baits through these fish before they have an opportunity to eat. I love to use sparkie jigs over all bottom fishing locations with live or dead bait. 

The special forward balance design allows the Sparkie Jig to pull over snags. The wide head shape will not let the jig tip to the side when it rests on the bottom. This enables the lure to be used with a slider method as well as regular jigging action.

Select from the assorted color pack or get all jigs one color.

Jig Size Amount Include
1/16 7
1/8 7
1/4 7
3/8 7
1/2 6
3/4 6
1 5
1.5 5