Jig Package for 50-80-feet

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Jig package for fishing 50-80 feet of water. Includes my go-to jigs and sizes for these depths! Targeted species will range from larger mangrove snapper to grouper and hogfish.  Some yellowtails begin to appear at these depths as well.  Use the lightest size that remains almost straight up and down fishing for yellowtail and mangrove snapper. 

Type Weight Amount
2X Strong Classic 1/4-ounce 3
2X Strong Classic
3/8-ounce 3
Hogballs 3/8-ounce 3
Hogballs 1/2-ounce 3
Banana 2X Strong 3/8-ounce 3
Shad Classic 2X Strong 3/8-ounce 3
Flats Manic 1/4-ounce 3