Mangrove Snapper Package (Deep, 80-feet or more)

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Mangrove snapper are one of the toughest targets in the Gulf of Mexico. it often takes finesse to bring home numbers of snapper and get them consistently when offshore.  By fishing lighter tackle, mangrove snapper can be caught more frequently.  Biggest snapper often hit up in the water column, so lighter jigheads allow the entire water column to be fished.  I always recommend fishing the lightest jighead that will get straight up and down to target the biggest snapper. This package of jigs should provide enough weight for patient fisherman to target mangrove snapper in deeper water.

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Type Weight Amount
1/4-ounce 3
1/2-ounce 3
Hogballs 1-Ounce 2
2x Banana 1/4-ounce 3
2x Strong Classic 3/8-ounce 3
2x Strong Classic 1/2-Ounce 3
Shad 2X
1/2-Ounce 3
Shad 2X 3/4-Ounce 3
2x Strong Classic
3/4-Ounce 3