Swivel Egg Sinker (Bulk packs of 10)

Weight: 1-ounce

Packs of 10 for bulk pricing.

Egg sinkers with swivels on both sides that remain in place on the drop.  Good for use with braided line and spinning reels or conventional gear to reduce line twisting and enable feel to the bite.  In addition to swivels on both sides, heavy duty brass eyelets provide a strong connection point while allowing more action to the swivels and bait. The extra effort allows baits to act freely without transferring twists up the line.

Pro-Tip: Use a heavier piece of leader from the mainline to connect to the swivel weight. Then use lighter leader connecting to the hook. This will cause any hangups to break on the hook side of the connection, keeping the swivel weight.

Example: 65-pound braided line connected to 2-feet of 80-pound leader. That connects to the swivel weight. Then the swivel weight to 50-pound leader and a hook.