Hogball Package

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Color: Pink Hot
Hook Type: Mustad Big Gun

Hogballs are great for fishing the entire water column. Lighter sizes tend to work slowly down allowing them to be used for mangrove and yellowtail snapper while larger sizes can be sent straight to the bottom for hogfish, snapper and grouper.  Great when fished with natural and dead bait.  26-total hogballs provide a variety of colors, hook types and sizes and will let you determine your favored style for the future.  

If you prefer a certain hook style and color, please select from the drop down.

Note: Colors, sizes and hooks may vary depending on stock for variety pack, but the total amount will be sent.

Type Weight Amount
1/8-ounce 4
1/4-ounce 4
Hogballs 3/8-ounce 4
Hogballs 1/2-Ounce 4
3/4-Ounce 4
1-Ounce 3
1.25-Ounce 3