Banana Jig (2X Hooks)

Weight: 1/8
Color: No Color (lead)

Fish throughout the water column with this versatile jig. Made with strong, sharp, high quality 2X strong Mustad hooks that can hold up to bigger fish without the painful straightening out than can happen with weaker hooks. This is a classic shape that has caught fish for years. The forward center of weight gives the Banana Jig a unique nose diving action. This snag resistant jig is popular in both fresh and saltwater fishing.

Jig Size (oz) 2X Hook size
1/8 2/0
1/4 2/0
3/8 3/0
1/2 4/0
3/4 5/0
1 6/0
1.5 7/0
2 8/0
3 8/0