• Hogfish Package

Catching hogfish is not anyone can do. It is a type of fishing that must be mastered, and with the help of this package you can get there.  The key to catching hogfish is to fit your bait right on the bottom. Anywhere else and you'll get bycatch.  Imagine how a pig eats on land, snoot down in the ground rooting up it's food.  That is how hogfish feed in the water.  

This package will let you fish with your bait of choice (shrimp, crabs, sandfleas!) where hogfish are looking, in the bottom.  Save $26 from purchasing these jigs separately and catch more hogfish!

If you prefer different hooks, please let me know!

Note: To ensure quick delivery of your order, colors and hook types may vary depending on stock.

1/2-ounceGreen Watermelon
Matzuo J3
1-ounceGold Shrimp
Matzuo J3
Hogball1.25-OuncePinkMatzuo J3
Hogball XL2-ounceRed FlameMustad Circle3
Hogball XL3-ounceCopperMustad Circle3
Sparkie Jighead1/4-ouncePink-3
Sparkie Jighead
1/2-OunceGold Shrimp-3
Swivel Weight
Swivel Weight

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Hogfish Package

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