Born and raised in Bradenton, Florida, Captain Jon Chapman developed a lifelong addiction for fishing at a very young age. From the flats of Tampa Bay to the offshore waters of the Gulf of Mexico, he was determined to find and catch varieties of finned species.

Offshore fishing was always his true obsession. When the weather was nice he ventured offshore with friends and family to target grouper, snapper, and other Gulf of Mexico species. Light tackle was always preferred and jighead fishing proved fun and effective for big fish.

As he grew older and began digging into the psychology of fishing, Chapman developed ways to see fishing spots with the drop of a GoPro. This provided insight as to what swam below and how fish behaved. Big fish, he noticed, had a tendency to hang higher in the water column. This proved why jighead fishing was highly effective in targeting big fish.

Chapman was not satisfied with the price and quality of the jigs he was using. Stronger hooks and varieties of action were needed for the multiple species of fish he was seeing on spots. This led to the development of his own style of jigs with higher quality components and hooks, thus Captain Chappy's jigs were born.